2017 YEA


Young Entrepreneur Award (2017)

The GAEF Innovation and Entrepreneur Program fosters the development of  leadership skills in parallel with business and innovation amongst students. It focuses on providing training to  students on industry, marketing, and technology.

January 2017, GAEF Innovation Group formed 7 teams and competed in the Young Entrepreneur Award start-up competition, held in the Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA.

Winning Teams

  • Team Ryding: Carpooling Made Easy For You By Bryan Mui, Tze Tseng Soh, Erick Yuan and Elizabeth Xiong
  • Team Paladin's Place: A New Type of Restaurant By Albert Qin, Alex Chen, Julian Xiao and Nicholas Chang
  • Team Money Manager: Money Manager App for Teen By Emily Nie and Edwin Mui
  • Team Reel EZ Fishing: Catch More Fish By Richard Wu, Larry Zhao and Luke Zhao
  • Team GardenBox: Healthy Snack Anywhere and Anytime By Edwin Mui and Connie Deng
  • Team Family Health Hub: Digitized Family Health Record By  John Yi,, Andrew Zhang and Edwin Mui
  • Team Loyalty: The One-Stop Convenience App By Kelly Li,  Jane Xu and Nathan Chang


2016 YEA


Young Entreprenur Award (2016)

January 2016, the Young Entrepreneur Award was held in  Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA, USA. GAEF Innovation group has formed a project group.

Winning Team

Team Stutors: A student to student torturing platform by Edwin Mui, Steven Yuan, Ricard Wu, Andrew Zhang