Hack A Tech June Event
Understand Wi-Fi

Time: 3:00PM - 4:30PM, 6/29/2019

Location:  6678 Owens Dr., Pleasanton

Suite 102

About Us

Our Mission


Green Apple Education Foundation (GAEF) is a student run 501c(3) non-profit organization located in San Ramon, California. Our mission is to promote technology and innovation amongst youth of all ages and backgrounds, to raise  awareness of education for underprivileged children, and to introduce  young adults to opportunities to serve the world via technology and innovation. 

Our Team


GAEF was co-founded by Anson Hu and Edwin Mui in January 2017. Current leadership team includes: 

Andy Wu (President), Eric Li (VP Marketing), Joshua Ye (VP Operations), Will Liang (VP Community Outreach), Eric Huang (Secretary), Jiaxin Li (Secretary), Crystal Chen (Treasury), and Bryan Mui (Bookdrive Leader). Advisors are Anson Hu, Edwin Mui, Anne Gao, and Kelly Xie.

Our Work

Hack A Tech


"Hack A  Tech" (HATH) is a monthly tech event held by GAEF to promote technology and innovation among youth. HATH has different themes/topics each month to introduce new topics and address real life issues in our local  community and around the world. The main purpose is to ignite the youth's innovative talent and interest in technology. Announcement of new events are published each month on this website.

San Ramon Hackathon


San Ramon Hackathon is an annual hackathon initiated by GAEF co-founder Anson Hu. The inaugural event was hosted on 4/7/2018, in collaboration with the City of San Ramon. More than 100 young adults from the Bay Area gathered to focus on solving emergency preparedness. GAEF again co-hosted the event on 4/28/2019, this time with the San Ramon Valley Unified School District to help solve Student Well-being challenges.

App Challenge


App Challenge are hackathons that provide a collaborative environment for youths to innovate, design and build applications.  At the end of the hackathons, students will present  their products to  judges.

Youth Entrepreneurship


We provide training and organize events on Entrepreneurship and Career Exploration.   We also form high-school and middle-school student teams to attend competitions on innovation, business and startup.  

Book Drive


We partner with the African Library Project  and set a goal to collect books and donations to build one library each year in African schools and villages. We have been named 2018 Global Literacy Champion for building a library at Fodome-Helu School & Community in Ghana. 

We also partner with Success Through Self (STS) Academy, to help build literacy by putting books into the hands of children who have little or no access to them in Pittsburg, CA ar



Many underprivileged kids do not have the resources to learn computer  programming, an essential skill in this fast-changing technological era. Our goal is to effectuate peer-to-peer  assistance through sharing, collaborating, and collective learning in this area of technology.


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Green Apple Education Foundation

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